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Infamous Crispy Brussels Sprouts

  • By Grindstone Concierge

Infamous Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Need more friends? Do this.

You Need:
- Brussels Sprouts
- Bacon Lardon 1/4" x 3"
- Aioli (Mayonnaise can suffice)
- Smoked White Vinegar
- AAA Maple Syrup

You do:
Split Brussels in Half, and Blanch in 250 Degree Oil Until Tender. Place on plate to cool. Mix 3 Cup Aioli with 1/2 Cup Smoked White Vinegar and 1/2 Cup AAA Maple Syrup. Collectively Fry Desired Amount of Brussels at 350 Degrees with Bacon Lardon for 3 - 5 Minutes, Season Liberally with GSF Essential Chef's Blend. For a Crisp(ier) Bacon, Cook for 2 - 3 Minutes Before Adding Brussels. Drizzle Your Dish with Vinaigrette and Serve.

You're welcome. You're now famous.

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