You see, there's this award-winning culinary mastermind named Chef Todd Hogan, who is the true "intellect" behind this tightly run food-outfit (we use 'tightly' very loosely), we call Grindstone Specialty Foods. Member and recurring guest chef of the world famous James Beard Foundation and a DiRona Award recipient, Chef Todd has held Executive Chef positions in fine dining restaurants throughout the Southeast, and continues to own and operate several fine dining establishments in Atlanta, GA. Chef Todd is a graduate of the legendary school of culinary arts Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, S.C. You get the idea. Chef Todd gets food. 

As for Grindstone, legend has it that when grinding grains and wheat, local millers put their noses to the stone to smell for any overheating or burning. Sure seems there had to a better way than getting a nose burn, but like we said, it’s a legend. What’s not a legend is the everyday time, passion, energy and award-winning culinary craftsmanship that goes into every Grindstone Product. You might say we have a nose for what many professional chefs and home cooks declare, “Just maybe the best spice blends ever.” And, that goes for our entire line of local, hand-made, chef inspired food products--all of the highest quality. You can see the difference, taste the difference and feel the difference when you cook with Grindstone. So have a taste, take a sniff and get cooking with the best ever.

Our secret? Well, we can't sell the farm, but you'll find common similarity behind most of our product - the term 'Roasted'. When combining the proportionate ingredients, grinding and finally roasting, a very magical science happens. Grinding upon roasting releases the native oils and aromas in herbs, grains and spices that you won't find in other food products. A noticeable difference in the spice, for sure, but even more noticeable in what's most important - your final dish. 
- Grindstone Specialty Foods.


We source our products from the most pristine and hard-to-come-by places on the planet. From there, blends are evenly proportioned and roasted, thus opening the native oils and aromas of the spice. 


We aren't the tree-hugging type, but understand that what we get from the Earth depends on how we treat it. GSF Products are produced with healthy conscience in mind, no preservatives and no chemicals. Packaging comes from 100% recycled materials, too. 


Grindstone's Blends take the science of "prep" out of your process, thus giving you the opportunity to learn more when you create. The Blends are designed to be used liberally, and note Chef's recommended uses on each product page. Before you know it, you'll have a cavalry of dishes in your arsenal. Simple.